What is the Oxford Guild?

The award winning and critically acclaimed Oxford Guild is the largest university society in both Europe and the world as of 2015 according to The Times, Forbes, Milkround and the BBC and has been Oxford’s, the UK's and Europe’s largest and oldest professional society for decades since our foundation.

Originally founded in 1897 and with tens of thousands of registered members and over 100 events a year the Guild is an enormous entity and more than a prominent student society – it is a renowned Oxford institution with a long and illustrious history and today are one of the established, dynamic, active and professional university organisations in not just the UK and Europe but across the world.

The Guild is widely recognised across the University and indeed both nationally and internationally as the leading professional society. The Guild is often the first port-of-call for both students looking for inspiration, guidance and support, and to apply for internships and jobs, as well as companies looking to recruit the best students at Oxford and partners and guest speakers looking to reach out to and be in front of the very best and brightest. We are renowned for our experience and demonstrated consistent success in providing effective recruitment opportunities and services and for maximizing returns for the organisations we work with.

At the same time we continue to grow rapidly to become even more big and are Oxford’s fastest growing society – our member numbers increase with every event and we have truly and undisputedly dominated the Oxford, UK and global society scene. Lots of organisations, particularly at Oxford where people are very ambitious and competitive, like to make claims but our numbers and track record speak for themselves. We like to let the facts do the talking.

Why join us?

It is 100% free to join and being a member enables you to attend receive weekly updates about our events and gives you entry to them, including our largest networking events, conferences and trips.

If you are interested in attending our legendary events socials and lavish balls, finding out more about different career options from some of the world's largest companies, gaining investment for your business ideas in pursuit of your entrepreneurial ambitions, gaining access to a wealth of resources, information and advice you won't find anywhere else, or hearing from the most high profile and most inspirational speakers whilst meeting like-minded individuals and potential future colleagues and business partners from across the university, then join today! We would be delighted to see you at one of our exciting events in the future.

We engage ambitious, bright minds and our most active members are engaged, articulate, intelligent, and at the forefront of Oxford life. An overwhelming majority of those who are most prominent in Oxford student life are Guild members. The Guild has kick-started the careers of countless prominent alumni in the corporate world. Joining is one of the best decisions you’ll make at Oxford and is completely FREE so make sure you JOIN NOW!

We have made a hugely significant mark over more than a century, with an unrivalled track record that has meant it has dominated the society scene. The Guild has been at the forefront of innovation, has led intellectual discussion and debate and has been the breeding ground for many of the world’s most successful people, kickstarting their prominent careers. Our well renowned heritage is our exciting future and we intend to continue to shape the future of the world in the years to come.

What do we do?

Our aim at the very broadest level is ultimately to make your lives easier and your time at Oxford more enjoyable, improving your overall university experience and making your transition into a career after university as smooth and as successful as possible. We are committed to ‘equipping our members with the knowledge, transferable skills, and networking opportunities needed to develop successful careers in their chosen area, whilst also giving members the chance to meet other like minded individuals (and potential future colleagues!) at fun, interesting and varied events and the opportunity to grow intellectually by listening to fascinating speakers and topics’. Our values stress that we work for our members and we will strive to achieve this aim.

The Society, over the decades, has always been associated with a range of commercial organisations that are popular career options for Oxford students from investment banks, consultancies and professional services companies to industrial, technological and legal firms; and we are keen to continue to move forward the Society on these foundations, making sure you can gain awareness of and access to the full range of opportunities out there so you can make informed decisions about the right career choice for you.

By establishing links with different commercial firms, both large and small, the Society aims to provide information about key firms and contacts within sectors to those interested in entering a variety of high-powered fields.

Our member base

Our substantial membership is active and engaged with the initiatives and events the society has to offer, and we provide them with a wealth of resources and opportunities to support them in realising their potential in their pursuits beyond Oxford.

Our members include not only undergraduates from a range of subjects but also MFE and MBA students from the Saïd Business School. We have a diverse mix of genders and backgrounds.

Our members are some of highest calibre the country has to offer, and our innovative and interactive events, exciting initiatives, member engagement and service mean that we are leading professional society at Oxford.

We leverage our extensive range of connections and work closely with the University Careers Service, the Saïd Business School and the Student Union (OUSU), alongside the individual colleges, giving us huge breadth and coverage.

We have a strong track record and have won numerous national awards and accolades in the national press with our continued success over the decades stemming from the talented committee over of 100 students (Oxford’s largest), with a culture which encompasses drive, excellence and innovation, that works tirelessly year round to provide an excellent and unrivalled service to its partners and members.

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The Oxford Guild has been in over 1000 newspapers, magazines, websites and radio and TV outlets in over 100 countries in over 5 continents thus far, INCLUDING: