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    Karim Pal

    Applications are nearly over, but how long is everyone’s CV? I went to a JP Morgan event where they said no more than one side, but mine 2, it seems unrealistic for it to all be on one.


    Haseem Shah

    100% best advice would be to keep it to a page to suit all recruiters. You don’t know who will be reviewing your CV, very often it is analysts who do it and they cba with 2 page ones. I spoke to an analyst at BAML who said he just throws 2 page CVs in the bin or just skims through it at best, whereas he would look at a one page one in more detail. Seeing as they have hundreds to get through, it’s better to make their life easier with a one page CV. Formatting is the key to keep it to a page. Extend the margins horizontally and vertically, keep the font to 10, reduce gaps between lines etc. It all helps keep it under a page, it can be done for anyone at this stage of your career.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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